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Chapter 17 Understanding Financial & Accounting Info Financial Ratios BUS 365 Study guide Moore College of Art & Design


Or, they can advise if you need to take on a liability (e.g., a business loan) to cover the costs. Easy-to-understand explanations for everything from basic accounting and bookkeeping to financial and managerial accounting. Identify and describe in details the different methods available when making reporting decisions for accounting for uncollectible receivables . Explain the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Describe the differences between managerial and financial accounting.

  • Describe the differences between managerial and financial accounting.
  • Or, the lender can decide that you do not qualify for a loan based on the information you provide.
  • Stanford University is globally recognized for the quality of its business education programs, and its faculty include Nobel Laureates and other leaders in academics and research.
  • Accounting information is guided by various principles, assumptions and qualitative characteristics.

Explain why accountants have flexibility in accounting choices. Explain how the different types of financial statements relate to one other. JFQA publishes theoretical and empirical research in financial economics. Topics include corporate finance, investments, capital and security markets, and quantitative methods of particular relevance to financial researchers.

Accounting (ACCT 101 & ACCT – South Bend – Elkhart

Evaluate at least three significant Accounting Study Guide By Accountinginfo Com and similarities between IFRS and GAAP and the impact these similarities and differences can have on financial statements. Explain two ways in which accounting data is used to make business decisions. Explain why accountants are able to choose different ways to report accounting information. What process does managerial accountants use to make recommendations for two of the three listed types of decisions. Summarize the changes that Fair Value Measurement and Financial Accounting might cause in a company’s financial report. As a non-accountant, explain why it is important to be aware of these types of updates.

But, your accounting information is only as good as your recordkeeping. Is there a budget line item that can be removed or replaced with another line item that may be more profitable?

Financial Accounting

What impact does the use of different cost flow assumptions have on financial statements? Identify and describe the major users of accounting information and discuss what questions financial accounting information answers for each group of users. Financial accounting information is often used as an input for management decisions.

Make sure you’re confident enough with your ability to work accounting problems in a timely fashion that you aren’t constantly checking the clock and stressing yourself out. If it’s a bad idea to cram for a history exam the night before a test, it’s a very bad idea to cram for an accounting test. Never postpone reviewing your accounting until examination time. In order to discover how accounting principles work and how they are applied, work the problems included in your accounting textbook.

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